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This site is developed based on Flask and Bootstrap 4 as the responsive frontend framework. It is also released with an easy and elegant admin interface. Project link: https://github.com/frostming/frostming.com

About Me

I come from the most insignificant province of China -- Jiangxi. I work as a DevOps engineer in Tencent Inc. in Shenzhen. I love playing with tech stuff and writing some plain posts. I am also an open-source contributer.

I help maintain a internal CI/CD system as my daily work.

Personal Resume

Life is short, I use Python



I also go out for shooting pictures using my Nikon D7100, less often nowadays though. Visit My Instagram for beautiful photos.

My Setup

  • Terminal:iTerm2+Oh my zsh(Mac),Cmder+Ubuntu WSL(Windows 10)
  • Color theme:Dracula
  • Font:Operator Mono
  • Dev environment:
    • VSCode
    • Python 3
    • Pipenv
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